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About The Site

PulseFeedz is a social aggregator whose mission to grab the best compelling, interesting, funny and trending stories all together and mix it into a great viewing experience. Some of our features include:

Autocorrect FAIL of the Day: The funniest autocorrect or just plain weird text messages from the web are exposed here daily.

 Facebook FAIL of the Day: The funniest Facebook posts from the web are also exposed for your viewing pleasure.

Word on the Street: The Top 5 most interesting gossip and scoop is posted in this daily post with some input from myself.

EPIC FAIL of the Day: Stupid criminals or scenarios that we hear about will be posted in this daily feature.

Also depending on the significance of a story, there are also a couple of standalone posts that won’t necessarily have to do with these four main features for example when a viral video or music or a trending topic on Twitter or a podcast is featured. We’re also going to be introducing some serious posts soon breaking down politics so that you understand what’s going on in your world.

Follow us on Twitter: @BeBreezyMan (Jessie), @williamskya (Kyle), @kofio (Kofi)

Stay updated with stories as they are posted on the site via Twitter: @pulsefeedz (We follow back, ALWAYS!)

Like our page on Facebook (pretty please?): PulseFeedz

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