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Fine For Swearing????

by on June 12, 2012

From AP:

Residents in the small MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass., just voted to have a $20 fine for swearing in public. From now on, it’s illegal to be heard saying a curse word in this city. The law was apparently made by the city members to prevent teenagers from using what some call, “foul language.” I mean there is nothing more to be said about this article.

Is it for a good cause?? YES and Yes. Do I agree?? I Don’t Know. It is kind of funny though how people come up with this stuff. Like, where do these people get time to say, hey lets make a law that will stop these little “rascals” from yelling profanity in public places. I mean its their job but…..

What if, just what if, the kid that is fined does not have the money?? would that mean JUVI…..?? I don’t know. I am just as speechless as I am torn on this article. But I will say, there is no way a law like this will be passed in California,  NYC, or even Baltimore.

Just try to cut down on the profanity kids, and stop making moms and grandmoms go crazy.

– Kofi Osei


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