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Timothy Bradley UPSETS Manny Pacquiao In What Could Be One Of The Biggest Scandals In Sports History

by on June 10, 2012

If Boxing needed a way to regain attention from mixed martial arts, which has stolen the attention of combat sports fans, this was the perfect and worse way to do it at the same time. In the first round of this unprecedented fight between Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley, it seemed as though the Filipino native and Celtics fan was very distracted and unfocused. But as the fight progressed, Manny’s quickness, confidence and punching power proved to be way too much for Bradley…….or so we thought!

The whole event started off bizarre as Manny went missing as soon as the fight was getting ready to begin. Bob Arum had announced yesterday that the fight wouldn’t start until the Celts-Heat game was over but it had already been at least 20 minutes since the end of that game when Manny was nowhere to be found. Many boxing analysts and bloggers, as noted in the telecast, believed Manny was weak and didn’t seem to care about boxing anymore and because of this would probably lose. But Manny dominated throughout the fight which is why this result is sending shockwaves throughout the whole sports world. I GENEROUSLY had Bradley winning two rounds and then I stopped watching after the 10th round because I already knew the result…….at least I thought I did, this ish is CRAE!

This is the actual scoring card courtesy of @AndreasHale

This is courtesy of “The Likeable Assholes” and the Travis Porter FB page


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