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A funny thing happened today…

by on June 8, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman, exercising is a slowly disappearing activity in today’s society. We don’t do it as much as we need to, and as a result, the average mass of a human is steadily growing and growing each year. I myself am sadly apart  of the ever growing trend of the ever growing waistline, and as a result I have dedicated my summer to try to lose weight. Unfortunately, the plans I made yesterday to go running weren’t very well thought out.

The closest “track” to my house is my old elementary school, so I decided that I should try running around it to get a good feel of what I could run. Unfortunately for me, class was in session at the time, and a grown man running around an Elementary school with sweat on his brow and a smile on his face isn’t very welcoming. A little bit into my run, I was confronted by the Principal, who had been my Principal back when I attended the school. He asked me what I was doing, and the dumbest sentence I could ever muster up from the depths of my lungs came out of my mouth. My response: “Looking for children to play with!” I look back, and I could slap myself for the ignorance. However, I thought he would remember me. I was mistaken.

After five minutes of apologizing (I didn’t realize black peoples’ faces could ever turn red, mine was crimson) and another five minutes of reminding him who I was, we both decided that the police weren’t necessary and I decided to go running later, a lot later.

Moral of the story: Run at a reasonable time, in a reasonable area, and do it away from a school zone.

– Kwill


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