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The Zombie Apocalypse and Bathsalt Craze Is Getting Real……lol

by on June 7, 2012

We’ve heard various stories over the past couple of weeks of cannibalism from different parts of the United States which have sparked rumors of a possible Zombie Apocalypse occurring. As crazy as that sounds, some people are actually believing the hype and it’s gotten to the point where groups of people are running from pranksters who appear to be zombies themselves. Sadly, we have another crazy story coming to us from

Another “zombie-like” attack is making headlines, this time in Louisiana.

The victim was working in his front yard when the suspect, 43-year-old Carl Jacquneaux, approached him over a domestic dispute and attacked him, biting off part of his face.

The victim told police he sprayed Jacquneaux with wasp spray to stop the attack.

Police believe Jacquneaux was using drugs knows as “bath salts,” but he was not given a blood test before being booked so they’re not sure if it’s true.

The bathsalts craze is getting more and more insane by the minute. Politicians in Massachusetts have already passed a bill in their House of Congress banning the drugs in their state. The provision is waiting on the Massachusetts Senate to be made into law. There may be a point in time when the Obama administration, the CDC, FDA and the DEA have no choice but to address this craze and impose a permanent federal ban on the drug and it’s ingredients if it continues to progress.

Some of you may be wondering, what are bathsalts? And why do they have such a crazy effect. Here is some information with some help from

  • No one really knows what they are because there is no way to test these substances
  • The only way you know if someone has taken it is if they tell you because there are no tests to pick up the drugs
  • When you take it, you experience agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, suicidality, high blood pressure, increased pulse
  • Other names that the drug goes by: Ivory Wave, Purple Wave, Vanilla Sky, Bliss, Bolivian Bath

The decisions you make now will determine your future so PLEASE don’t be crazy enough to take this designer, recreational drug. If you are dumb enough to take these drugs, make sure you get the hell away from me!! I like my beautiful face…lol (Was that joke too early?)

BTW: The suspect involved in the case of cannibalism in Baltimore is not believed to have taken this drug but the other cases in Miami, New Jersey and the case reported on in this post which took place in Louisiana are believed to be associated with the use of this lethal drug. PLEASE DON’T RISK YOUR LIFE OR LIVELIHOOD BY TAKING THIS DRUG!

by JMan

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  1. Ryan Ellison permalink

    Bathsalts typically contain mdpv, mephedrone and/or methylone. Blaming this drug for the recent cannibalistic acts is nonsense. These drugs have been prominent in the club scene for quite a few years and although they are to blame for some violent acts, none in the past were intensely cannibalistic. These drugs are sold from other countries (normally China) and they guarantee 99.7% pure at minimum. Do you think if it was “this batch” that the lab would continue shipping knowing the iminent ban on these substances if negative media continues?… Do research before blogging.

    • With the effects that this drug has….of course I think it has something to do with the cannibalistic acts…..why else would a human eat another human? You can’t be sane when doing such an horrific thing. Thank you for reading and sharing your opinion though.

  2. MetalStormFaceTheSLAYER!!!! permalink

    On the aspect of the impending “Zombie Apocalypse”, when it happens, survivors will be talking of remembering when the whole thing started and it will all lead to; There were a few strange stories on the news of people attacking others and eating them, and then, like a whirlwind, it happened…

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