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MTV Wants You To Lose Your V-Card On National Television

by on May 22, 2012

> MTV Wants Virgins Who Are Willing To Lose Virginity For New TV Show - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

MTV is known for being one of the most raunchy networks in our nation’s history. They’ve always attempted to push America’s buttons, starting ratchet reality shows such as “The Real World” and “Jersey Shore”. But, this is where I think MTV has gone way too far.

DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THINGS TO THE NEXT LEVEL? LIKE, ARE YOU READY TO HAND OVER YOUR V CARD? OR DO YOU HAVE A FRIEND WHO IS READY TO LOSE IT?   Young adulthood is a time for exploration. New relationships, fresh experiences and sexual firsts…

Now MTV is looking to frankly capture that journey in a new series called My First…We’re looking for adults who are ready to go all the way. Let MTV come along on your journey… as you try to lose your virginity! (Note: We will be filming whether or not you accomplish this goal… but NOT the act itself. Duh.) If you are 18 years or older and are willing to candidly allow MTV to accompany you on the journey toward “losing it,” please send us an email.

I understand that sex may not be as valuable in our generation as it was way back when but this is way over the line. MTV is encouraging young people to have as much sex as they want by starting a show like this. I know and understand it’s already a way of life but to start a show like this pressures those who may be stuck in their own dilemma between morals and pleasure to make drastic decisions that aren’t even necessary when in life everything happens in it’s own time. What do you think?

MTV has since canceled plans to create this show but the fact that it was even under consideration shows how uncreative the entertainment industry has become.


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