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The Crazy Case of Ronald Opus

by on April 26, 2012

I was chillin’ in the library tonight, getting ready to go home, when the following article popped up on my Twitter timeline. Out of mystery I decided to open it up and read the story and now I’m officially mindblown. It’s sort of like that feeling that you get when you finally understand the plot of “Inception”, lol. (Wait, I can’t make that joke, I’ve never seen the movie…..but I heard it’s #mindblowing) The story is kinda long (because we know college students hate reading these days) but please read it, it’s intriguing……BTW, this is courtesy of

Sadly though, I have to let you guys know that even though the picture says that the story is true…….it’s NOT. But it is mindblowing, right? The storyteller himself, AAFS President Don Harper Mills told that he made up the story at a conference for entertainment purposes only to show the “legal consequences of altering facts”. So the lesson of the day after all of this is: DON’T LIE! HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY! (Lol)

Falling man

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