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Prom FAIL!!!!!

by on April 15, 2012

It’s prom season folks! Prom is one of the most important events in a young teenager’s life and it’s the one night where everything can go right or everything can go wrong. For the following people, everything went REALLY WRONG on Prom Night, find out why after the break.

"Lonely, he's so lonely....he has nobody for his own" (to the tune of Akon - Lonely) It has to suck being the 25th wheel, LMAO!

"Yeah, that's and my baby are going to prom together....YOLO!"

"We purposely wore this because we like being made fun of, someone needs to be bullied, right?" What they didn't realize is that even George Lucas thinks that they look like a hot ghetto mess.

"Wait.....what's wrong with taking an oompa loompa to prom?"

As this guy is showing his prom pictures to his children he explains to them....."This is before the era of flash cameras....I tried to upload this pic on Instagram and I still looked black as sh*t"

10 years from now, sadly, this will be normal. The new motto of Prom......A Family Affair, It's More Fun Than Disney World!

"Should we really be standing next to each other?"

And they say black people aren't patriotic? LOL

"You really think we couldn't get dates?.....We just didn't want any! Bros before ho*s May the force be with you"

Dude: "My girl promised she was gonna give me some if I wore this"
Dude's Friend: "So did you get any?"
Dude: "Nah, son"
Dude's Friend: "Damn, she played you...haha"

"I like being disrespected!!!!"

"Sorry we're late, we just had tryouts for LMFAO's new music video....sadly, we didn't get in but at least we're here, right?"

"We ain't going nowhere....we ain't going nowhere, we ain't gonna stop now, cuz we are REDNECKS for LIFE!" (to the beat of Diddy - Bad Boys For Life)

Coming Soon to ABC Family: The Not So Secret But Sad Life of the American Third Wheel

gun prom

Who run the world? *Ask the people who have the guns on them*

HAVE A GREAT PROM! Stay safe and make sure you’re wise with your decisions, hopefully you’ve learned from the careless mistakes of the people in the pictures above. Check out an article I did one year ago if you need advice on how to find a prom date HERE.

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