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Word on the Street 3/28/12

by on March 28, 2012

1. Outrage is growing after folks discovered someone created a “Trayvon Deserved To Be Shot” Facebook page!

Here’s a snippet from the page..

Trayvon committed felony assault and inflicted serious injury before being justifiably shot. I would have shot this creep BEFORE he inflicted head injuries upon me (assuming brandishing my gun didn’t stop the aggressive actions of Trayvon).”

Read more: BlackMediaScoop

(Whoever made this page can GO TO HELL! How evil and heinous of you to think such despicable thoughts. – J.K.)

2. just got word from a person VERY close to Rihanna that Rih has just signed to be the NEWEST JUDGE On Fox’ X-Factor.

According to our snitch, it’s not clear WHAT happened with the negotiations with Britney Spears, which EVERY news agency in the world is right now saying HAS THE JOB – but they fell apart.

The insider told, “[Rihanna] wanted to be on X-Factor, but we all thought that [Britney Spears] had it . . . when [Rihanna] found out that they wanted her instead, she jumped at [the opportunity.”

We’re told that Rihanna’s VERY CAPABLE management over at RocNation made it happen. Oh, and Rih is making BIG MONEY hosting the show, we’re told she will get between $15 and $20M a year in cash and perks. Dang Jigga and ’em STAY winning!!!

Read More: MediaTakeOut

(IDK how much I believe this but MTO did break the story of Nicole and Paula joining the show last year…..they also got the Beyonce to “X-Factor” story wrong, so take this story with a grain of salt – J.K.)

Spike Lee

3. With Twitter and Facebook continuing to explode with posts purporting to contain the address of George Zimmerman, property records and interviews reveal that the home is actually the longtime residence of a married Florida couple, both in their 70s, who have no connection to the man who killed Trayvon Martin and are now living in fear due to erroneous reports about their connection to the shooter. The mass dissemination of the address on Edgewater Circle in Sanford–the Florida city where Martin was shot to death last month–took flight last Friday when director Spike Lee retweeted a tweet containing Zimmerman’s purported address to his 240,000 followers.

Read more: The Smoking Gun

(No matter how mad we are that someone has gotten away with the cold-blooded murder of another minority child, it’s wrong to combat evil with even more evil, and that’s what it implies when celebs like Spike Lee who have a lot of influence on social networks decide to RT things such as addresses and phone numbers. – J.K.)

Michael Bacall Project X

4. Warner Bros. is keeping the party going. The studio is quietly working on a sequel toProject X, the raucous teen movie that opened to a strong $21 million during the weekend.

Michael Bacall, who wrote the story for the movie and co-wrote the screenplay with Matt Drake, is writing a treatment for the sequel. Whether the treatment carries over to the script stage will depend on the producers, Todd Phillips and his Green Hat shingle and Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures. Bacall began work on the treatment several weeks before the movie opened.

Project X revolves around three losers, played by Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper and Jonathan Brown, who throw a party in a bid to boost their profiles. The shindig quickly gets out of hand, resulting in unchecked debauchery, a suburban neighborhood under fire and a showdown with the police.

It’s unclear whether the actors would return for a sequel or whether the studio has options on the trio, though both seem likely. Warner Bros. found itself without sequel deals for the trio of stars of The Hangover and was forced to pay a premium when it moved to make a sequel. Project X’s success isn’t on that level, nor are its actors well known — it’s the first feature for Cooper and Brown — so there isn’t a real danger of the studio having its back to the wall.

Read more: THR

(I still need to see Project X, I heard it’s good – J.K.)

5. A group led by Lakers legend Magic Johnson emerged Tuesday night as the new owners of the Dodgers, ending months of uncertainty for the storied but troubled baseballfranchise.

Johnson, who guided the Lakers to five NBA championships during the “Showtime” era of the 1980s, is a partner in the group along with longtime baseball executive Stan Kasten and movie executive Peter Guber. The controlling owner would be Mark Walter, chief executive officer of Guggenheim Partners, a Chicago-based financial services company.

Walter and McCourt met privately in New York on Tuesday, coming to an agreement only hours after Major League Baseball owners approved three final bidders.

Read more: KTLA

(It’s amazing how much Magic Johnson is involved in business. He has set a standard for all athletes with his ability to have such a high business acumen. The guy is about to start his own TV network and now owns one of the biggest sports franchises in the world! Congrats dude – J.K.)

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