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Who Is Sandra Fluke?

by on March 6, 2012

Does this face look familiar?

If you’ve been watching cable news lately, then you know very well who Sandra Fluke is but if you don’t and you want to know, let me break it down for you as unbiased and as easy as I can using the 5 W’s we learned way back in elementary school, lol.

Who? Sandra Fluke, a 30-year old Georgetown Law School student who graduated from Cornell University for her Bachelor’s. She’s spent years working for Sanctuary for Families, which is a non-profit organization based in New York which helps domestic violence and abuse victims. She’s been dealing with issues such as domestic violence and human trafficking as her track at Georgetown. She has over 26,000 followers on Twitter but only 43 tweets. #swag 

What? Recently there has been a controversy brewing after it was announced that the White House set a new mandate requiring all employers to cover contraceptives (birth control, condoms), sterilization and the morning after pill in their employees’ healthcare plans. Churches were ruled exempt from this rule because of their obvious religious beliefs of no sex before marriage. But hospitals that are operated by the Catholic Church were not necessarily exempted. President Obama’s team is in talks with some of the nation’s top clergymen to come to a compromise.

House Democratic members decided to invite Sandra Fluke as a speaker during a Congressional hearing on “the infringement of religious liberties and contraceptive mandates” because of her vast experience working with women’s rights. In her testimony, she argued that all private insurance plans, including religious institutions, should cover contraceptives. She continued by saying that birth control costs are very pricey and that low income students may see it as less of a convenience to have safe sex which could increase the inability of free health clinics to operate in the most efficient way possible because of the increase in patients.

When? February 18, 2012 is when she spoke to members of Congress. February 29, 2012 is when Rush Limbaugh came out with some statements that we’re about to delve into

Where? DC Chillin’ of course……the DMV…….home of the worst sports teams in the nation, lol. Home of Ben’s Chilli Bowl, Wale, Huggy Lowdown and Donnie Simpson. Home of Michael Jordan’s first terrible attempt at being an NBA GM. Home of Go-Go….do I need to go on?

Why? So, why is this a big story? People testify to Congress all the time in Congressional hearings. From athletes to celebrities to Wall Street rich muddasuckas to boring PhD. academias and even more boring ex-politicians etc. (Even Nick Cannon was there today, testifying about internet safety) So why is Sandra Fluke such a big story, she can’t act as well as Sandra Bullock… what the HELL is going on.

Well, you can thank Mr. Rush Limbaugh for that. On his talk radio show, he called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” for her support of contraceptives being covered in private health care plans. He also stated that since taxpayers are going to be indirectly “paying for sex” through taxes that is going towards Obama’s healthcare plan, that the public might as well get something in exchange and that she should record all of her sexual rendezvous. After those remarks, there was major backlash from the younger politically-active generation as well as Democrats who believed that his comments were incendiary.

He offered an apology to Ms. Fluke, but in an interview with “The View” she declined stating it wasn’t sincere enough in her opinion. Mr. Limbaugh has since lost 32 sponsors and two radio station affiliates that usually broadcast his show.

Those are the facts……now tell me what you think…….


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