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Facebook FAIL of the Day 3/6/12

by on March 6, 2012

1. I can’t even say anything mean about this girl, she’s so pretty but wants to be something that she’s not. Doesn’t make any sense to me, smh.

2. HAHA, you better get a new girl before you find out you’re with a tranney (no offense to tranneys, js.)

Facebook fail. she wasn't trolling just an idiot i know her personally

3. HOW CAN YOU KILL OPRAH OFF LIKE THAT?!?! #Notcool BTW, on the real though….not all black people look the same

Facebook Spelling Correction Fight

4. Don’t get mad because you don’t know English

5. Why you gotta be so emotional though?

6. Nah, you guys don’t really love him.

What Kind Of Person Do You Think She Is?

7. Apparently, I might have to ask Rush Limbaugh

Tony Tells the Truth

8. Who cares?

9. How ’bout ‘dem pears!

10. You’re so cool. (sarcasm)

11. Jesus take the wheel

If you have a Facebook FAIL, email it to me at

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