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EPIC FAIL of the Day 3/6/12

by on March 6, 2012

1. A 24-year old man has died while reportedly trying to set a record for the longest time spent buried alive. According to investigators, Janaka Basnayake, buried himself with the help of family and friends in a sealed trench. Basnayake went into the trench at 9:30 a.m. Saturday. Police said that when he was brought to the surface at 4 p.m., he was unconscious. Basnayake was rushed to a hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. The man’s mother said her son had been performing unusual acts since his childhood.

Read more: KTLA

2. A 71-year-old Welsh woman said she was hit with a $118 littering fine when a small piece of cotton fell from her glove as she was walking.

Valerie George, 71, of Brynmawr, who lives on a pension of $165 per week, said she was shocked when a council environment officer walked up to her as she was strolling down a street and issued her the fine for a cotton thread that fell from her glove to the ground, the Mirror reported Tuesday.

Read more: UPI


3. A New York woman has filed a lawsuit against her former Roman Catholic college in Boston, claiming administrators didn’t do enough to help her when she complained that her roommate was having too much sex in their dorm room.

Lindsay Blankmeyer said in a federal lawsuit that she suffered from depression and attention deficit disorder before she enrolled at Stonehill College, but was driven into a suicidal depression after school officials wouldn’t give her reasonable housing alternatives to get her away from her roommate at the school in Easton, Mass.

Read more: MSNBC 


1. You guys are definitely meant for each other (sarcasm)

2. #SMHAmerica

3. Maybe this is who Rush Limbaugh was talking about?

4. Yall are just so lowdown dirty, smh.

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