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Word on the Street 3/2/12

by on March 2, 2012

Nick Cannon Says He Has Lupus-Like Autoimmune Disease | Nick Cannon

1. (Nick Cannon) has revealed that the kidney disease was a result of an “autoimmune disease that [doctors] found in my system,” and his blood clots were directly connected to his kidney infection. “It’s a lot of stuff,” said Cannon, “but it’s all in order now.” When asked by PEOPLE if his condition was hereditary, Cannon said, “They kind of say [my] autoimmune [disease] is – like a lupus type of thing, but no one else in my family has it.” For now, Cannon is just focusing on getting better – as well as on his young family with wife Mariah Carey.

Read more: People

(Get well soon, Nick. I admire his willingness to work hard and get paper but he’s married to Mariah Carey. If that marraige is real, which I’m pretty sure it is, then Nick doesn’t need to work as hard with all that paper Mariah has made over her career – J.K.)

2. The wife of former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders has filed two suits in Collin County district court, seeking redress for an alleged assault and $200 million in damages for libelous and slanderous comments posted online.

Pilar Sanders alleges in court filings last month that her husband and others are responsible for emotional and physical abuse along with mental distress, public humiliation and financial loss. One suit focuses on Twitter posts, including one from Sanders’ daughter saying Pilar Sanders was “the number one gold digger of the year” and one from Deion Sanders about his wife’s “lies and foolishness.” The second involves an alleged assault last month at the couple’s Prosper home.

Pilar Sanders’ attorney says the suits are unrelated to the couple’s contentious divorce case, which Deion Sanders filed in December.

Read more: Dallas Morning News

(This ish gets crazier and crazier by the minute. I can’t believe how cool, calm and collected Deion has been throughout this ordeal. Believe it or not while all this is going on, Deion and Pilar live in the same freaking house!! Could you do that? – J.K.)

3. TMZ is reporting that Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy “is on a mission to eradicate the bad influences from Bobbi Kristina’s life … and she’s starting with a 22-year-old man who Whitney treated like her very own son.”

Houston family sources tell the website that Whitney invited Nick Gordon to live with her and Bobbi Kristina more than 10 years ago after learning Nick’s mother could no longer care for him.

Whitney, according to the sources, treated Nick like her unofficially adopted son up until the end.  But now, Cissy believes Nick “is a bad influence on her granddaughter and wants him out of the Houston family home in Atlanta … ASAP.

Read more: EURWeb

(This is just my opinion and IDK if there is information about this dude that the public doesn’t know but based off of everything I’ve read, Mr. Gordon has been a good influence on Bobbi and always had her back in a brotherly way. At times he may have taken the wrong precautions in protecting Bobbi K like beating up her ex-boyfriend but if there is anything Bobbi K needs right now it’s stability and that’s something Mr. Gordon can provide for her. – J.K.)


4. Mike Epps‘ 18-year-old daughter claims the comedian has been threatening her … promising to “f**k her up” — and now, she’s turning to the police for help … but Mike says the woman is a liar. Bria Epps filed a police report with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department yesterday — claiming the threats started after a recent argument between her and her dad. Bria tells TMZ, the argument started when Mike appeared on an episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” earlier this month and gave a shout out to two of his kids — but that didn’t sit well with his other offspring … who were pissed at the snub.

Read more: TMZ

(Bria is such a spoiled brat. She’s just using her famous father to gain some fame and fortune. When Mike said he promised to “f*** her up” that means nothing except for a good ole beating to enstill discpline, not a beating that is abusive and unless the courts and authorities realize that cultural differentiation of that phrase, things aren’t looking good for Mike right now – J.K.)

5. Model Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa are engaged.

Khalifa, whose given name is Cameron Thomaz, took to Twitter yesterday to let his fans know he had popped the question to his stunning girlfriend.

“She Said Yes!!!” Khalifa wrote, alongside an image of Rose’s hand with a huge, oval-shaped diamond ring on it.

Read more: NY Post

(Congrats to the happy couple. I wish them all the best BUT I’ll give you some advice Wiz and no offense to the beautiful Ms. Amber but you can’t turn a ho into a housewife……..or maybe you can? – J.K.)

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