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Facebook FAIL of the Day 3/2/12

by on March 2, 2012

Why are you Facebook friends with your mom, dude?


funny facebook fails - Democracy Inaction

And I think we have a winner?

Epic Fails on Facebook

Dude, don’t post your West Virginia tradition on Facebook. That’s nasty “Oh, we’re only 14 generations apart” WHAT!?

Epic Fails on Facebook

You must feel like a real douche now, don’t you…

facebook liar



funny facebook fails - It's Definitely Dneirftseb

What a clever status. #sarcasm

Jesus take the wheel. This person is actually going to have a job in society. WOW.

Forreal though?

My password is bornyesterday. - (facebooking fail)

How dumb can you really be? Haha….

If you have a Facebook FAIL, please email it to me at


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One Comment
  1. so hilarious. people really know how to put their foot in it xD

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