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Autocorrect FAIL of the Day 3/2/12

by on March 2, 2012


1. You care about your Mom’s needs a little too much man


2. That’s just torture man

Dead Man Texting

3. #Disrespect


4. I wonder why the autocorrect said. “No not kung-fu, karate!”

5. #TeamAndroid Wassup?

6. Everyone falls in love sometimes…….just not Andi.

sms fail

7. The real question is, why are you still watching Spongebob?


8. Somebody watches too much porn…..smh


9. Some people just like that kinky, hardcore stuff I guess? Not my thing though.

dads birthday mom Eight Absurd Texts That Make You Wish Your Mom Didnt Have An iPhone

10. Haha, Mom knows her role

sms fail

11. And that is what you deserve for choosing the wrong sperm donor, smh.

sms win

12. That’s a weird kinda love

sms fail

13. “Finding Nemo” is one of my favorite movies!

14. I think your phone needs to go to a hospital

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