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Word On The Street 2/29/12

by on February 29, 2012

Pac-Man 3D - P 2012

1. Disney XD has snagged a new animated action comedy starring the beloved arcade game character in the tentatively titled series, Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins. The series is being eyed for a fall 2013 debut on the children’s cable network.

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(Why didn’t anyone think of this before? I love playing Pac-Man, the only game I have available on my flipphone, lol. – J.K.)

2. George Lopez is returning to the family sitcom genre. I’ve learned that Lopez, star, co-creator and executive producer of multi-camera sitcom George Lopez, which ran on ABC for six seasons and 120 episodes, has closed a deal in principal with Lionsgate TV subsidiary Debmar-Mercury to co-create and star in a new multi-camera comedy about a Latino family. Lopez will executive produce the series with his manager, 3 Arts’ Michael Rotenberg.

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(Congrats to Mr. Lopez, he’s always been one of my favorite comics but it’s going to be pretty hard to re-create the magic of his last show especially when, based on this story, it’s basically going to have the same premise as his last show. But, best of luck to him – J.K.)

3. After joining the Mavericks, the team gave (Delonte West) a hotel room during a very brief training camp. However, once the regular season got started, NBA salary cap rules blocked the team from providing housing for West. He said he tried to rent apartments around North Texas but failed, because they were either too expensive or he wasn’t allowed because of his legal troubles.

So West would get a hotel room when the Mavericks were on the road, but when they came back to Dallas late after road trips, he had no place to stay. So rather than getting a hotel room for just a few hours, he would sleep in the American Airlines Center locker room area or park his truck in the arena players garage and rest.

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(This dude has made $14 million in the duration of his career. How the HELL do you squander all that money? No wonder he was going around w/ LeBron’s Mom LOL, just kidding. But seriously, these athletes and I’m going to be racist and be specific towards black athletes, need to be wise with their fortunes that God has blessed them with. You have to learn how to say the word “NO!” – J.K.)

4. The new “Dancing With the Stars” cast includes a music legend, the usual mix of ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s TV icons and the requisite Super Bowl champion. A new batch of twelve contestants on ABC’s hit dance competition show were revealed Tuesday morning on “Good Morning America”. The cast includes Jaleel White, Gladys Knight, Sherri Shephard, Maria Menounos, Gavin DeGraw, Donald Driver and so many more.

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(They screaming URKEL BACK URKEL BACK, that’s all I ever hear is that URKEL BACK. All eyes on him, better picture him dancing. Maybe not with suspenders on but Urkel swag will be flashing. Ugh <Rick Ross grunt, lol> And that was my attempt at Rap, lol. But I’m glad to see Steve Urkel back on TV, he’s my early favorite to win the whole thing. I probably won’t be watching though, tbh. – J.K.)


5. Rihanna is on the shortlist of talent that Clive Davis is considering to play Whitney Houston in the upcoming biopic of the late singer, according to reports in The Daily Mail. They’re also reporting that Davis is helming the project and hopes to begin shooting as soon as possible, pending completion of the script.

Rihanna is rumored to be up against Jennifer Hudson, Vivica Fox and Jordin Sparks for the role, with Willow Smith thought to be playing Houston as a child. Apparently executives are hoping that Rihanna agrees to do the film, but she seems to have turned down a remake ofThe Bodyguard last year, so nobody knows what she’ll decide.

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(Well, if there is anyone who would know about abusive relationships it would be Rihanna, right? I don’t mean to sound “petty” but it’s the truth. Clive Davis has since denied that production is currently going on right now but he never denied whether or not the idea of a biopic exists. The money made from this would probably go to Bobbi Kristina who has made over $10 million since her mother’s death through album and digital sales, but I’m pretty sure she’d rather have her mother right now than the money. Material things are worthless if you don’t have anyone to share it with, honestly. – J.K.)

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