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Facebook FAIL of the Day 2/29/12

by on February 29, 2012

I guess this mom needs to learn Facebook etiquette. Stop being nasty! Stop being nasty! lol

funny facebook fails - A Bit Premature

So is this school you’re graduating from accredited?

Wow Autumn, stick to being a season. You’re not the best expert on babies.

a facebook fail funny 3 Facebook FAIL (10 photos)

LMFAO. Mom understands that you have needs.

 Facebook FAIL (10 photos)

I mean, what did you expect? LOL

You got it bad.

I guess 7-Eleven has joined #TeamIlluminati

funny facebook fails - I Thought Peyton Was a Guy's Name

You are SO dumb as Antoine Dodson would say.


 Facebook FAIL (10 photos)

How do you forget to tell your son that you got divorced? SMH.

He’s not the only one who can’t spell Sarah. (Stay in school guys)

How do you pull girls in THAT kind of car? SMH.

funny facebook fails - The Unsinkable Truth

This is what we have to look forward to in the next generation.


funny-facebook-fails sorry-curtis

Curtis, you weren’t the only one (lol)

Facebook Fail - Rash-Single

Stay safe, don’t be Snooki.

Facebook Fail - MILF Mom


facebook fail - anthem

RIP Common Sense

We’ll be back tomorrow. Send me YOUR FB fails so we can ridicule your friends (haha) at


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