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Autocorrect FAIL of the Day 2/29/12

by on February 29, 2012

Tyler, why do you have to be so discriminatory? Haha.


I guess Brittany is pursuing a career in adult films?

Doesnt get paid AutoCorrect

At least he’s still keeping the love going, right?

I know taking care of children can be hectic but this is a little extreme! Child services?

Relationships - <p>My Love <3so how do i tell this girl that i love her?<br>Just suck it up and do it...<br>ok love you<br>awww love you too, now go tell her!<br>i just did :)<br>how did it go??? did she say it back?!?</p>

Yeah, she don’t love you….sorry dude.

Well count me out, I prefer cats. (That was so wrong, I’m sorry haha)


That presidential ish must come out differently than everybody else.

Not everyone can be like Kim Kardashian, sorry dude.

Zimbabwe AutoCorrect

After that story on today’s EPIC FAIL of the Day, idk if I want to go

Damn, you’re too thirsty man

Awkward Parents - <p>Father.Hey baby, the wife and kids are gone, I can't wait to love you all over your sweet body.<br>DAAAAAD?!<br>Shit....<br>A unicorn, $6,000,000,000, a trip to Narnia, an OFFICIAL letter to Hogwarts, my own water bed, a Hawaiian guy to do my chores, and make Dobby come back.</p>

You have officially been chopped and screwed.




I don’t think that’s a happy celebration, lol.

Submitted by Leah

Yeah, not funny.

Relationships - <p>TylerI feel so good! Guess what?<br>Did you break up with that bitchy girlfriend yet? I hope so cause she was a real bitch and I'm breaking this to you now, she cheated on you.<br>... 
I just asked her to marry me.<br>Shit. Sorry man.</p>

“I guess I have to find a new best man” LMFAO

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