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Janet Jackson and Pink to “The X-Factor”?

by on February 17, 2012

Before Whitney Houston tragically passed away she was being considered as a possible mentor for the next season of “The X-Factor”. It would’ve been a perfect fit because of Whitney’s vast experience in the music industry and to top it all off, she had a new movie coming out from her production company called “Sparkle” (which co-starred “Idol” winner Jordin Sparks, someone Simon could take credit for helping discover) that was going to coincide with the season premiere of “The X-Factor”.

This fall, Houston’s career could’ve been rejuvenated and a new generation that may not know her music well could have been new witnesses to “The Voice” (ironically the name of “The X-Factor”‘s biggest competitor next fall). Sadly, this will not come to pass but “The X-Factor” has to move on with deliberations of deciding who their next judges/mentors are.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the princess of the most famous musically talented family from Gary, Indiana could be the latest edition. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Ms. Janet Jackson, R&B superstar tried to keep it coy:

“Oh my God,” the 45-year-old said on-air with a laugh. “No, I’m not a judge on The X Factor.”

“You’re not currently a judge on The X Factor,” responded Cooper.

“No, I am not,” said Jackson. “But that’s all I really think I should say.”

This would be a great addition for “The X-Factor” because Janet Jackson is a world-renowned superstar. She is part of a family that is American music royalty and she has enough chops to give good advice just because of all of her experiences in showbiz from the infamous Super Bowl incident to her weight issues. Unlike Simon or L.A. who have never had to deal with the pressure of being a megastar, she’s the best person that could advise contestants on how to deal with new-found fame and controversy. Plus she obviously knows who sounds like a good recording artist considering the fact that she’s sold over 100 million albums.

Janet Jackson

She doesn’t have experience judging but she has worked in other facets of the industry besides singing. She’s acted in two of Tyler Perry’s movies and was an original star of “Good Times”. She is also the current spokeswoman for Nutrisystem, so she is probably well-spoken enough to sit on the judges table next to Simon and L.A.

Another interesting name that could be in the running is someone who lives by the mantra, “So What”:

Another source tells THR that pop bad girl Pink is high on Cowell’s wish list. The singer, whose real name is Alicia Moore, has credibility, Grammy awards and sass, plus “she can take on Simon.”

She is one of the most hood white girls I know and she wouldn’t have any problem with being honest whenever necessary as we’ve seen in the past when she’s addressed her ex-husband in different songs of hers. She would be a very spiffy edition and unlike Janet, Pink is someone who is constantly on the charts (#9 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts) because she’s always making music. Janet isn’t always in the studio nowadays because she has enough money to stop making music if she doesn’t want to. Instead, she chills back and does endorsements or takes acting roles. It isn’t meant to be a diss, but more power to Ms. Jackson.

This is the kind of star power Simon and “The X-Factor” are going to need if they have any shot of beating “The Voice”, who just announced that all of their judges will be back and that they’ll have a new season this fall. America will be choosing whether they want to hear/see pure artists who know what it’s like to be in the spotlight get second chances (“The Voice”) or if they want to hear/see new artists that come out of obscurity get a crash course on fame and how to sing in front of millions of people every night (“The X-Factor”). If Simon wants any shot, he’s going to have to bring these two on board ASAP.

You know who I think would be the coolest pick as a judge because he is a different type of artist, very truthful and would have an outsider point of view on singing but an insider point of view on how the industry works >>>> EMINEM. That would be legit. But anyways, we’ll see if Simon is up for the test this fall. “X-Factor” wouldn’t get canceled if it had the same type of viewership as last season, but it would be a big disappointment because of the big budget and the big buzz surrounding the show. Is Simon up for the challenge?

Who Is Most Qualified To Judge X-Factor?

PINK 3 Grammy’s





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