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Beyonce to “X-Factor” for $500 Million?

by on February 3, 2012 is reporting something very interesting about “The X-Factor USA” just a couple of days after Paula, Nicole and host Steve Jones were released from the show:

Move over Oprah, Beyonce may be poised to be the WEALTHIEST female entertainer in the world. According to an EXTREMELY RELIABLE insider, Simon Cowell has offered Beyonce $500M – to be a judge on the hit TV series X-Factor.

The insider explained, “He wants a big name female star on the panel. Mariah [Carey] is good, but she’s not that hot today. He wants Beyonce because that would immediately give him the bounce needed to beat American Idol.”

And Simon is willing to PAY to land Beyonce. Our snitch tells us that he’s offered Beyonce $500M, or $100M per year for 5 seasons. If Bey accepted, she and Jay Z would IMMEDIATELY be worth over $1 BILLION combined.

So we know what you’re wondering – is Beyonce interested. Our snitch in the Beyonce camp is tight lipped, but told us to expect a very “MAJOR” career announcement from Beyonce in the next month or so.

I was shocked when I first heard this news. For one, Simon is already being paid $100 million+ a year to judge and produce “X-Factor” while L.A. Reid makes around $10 million. Production for the show also costs at least $3.5 million per episode which totaled to about $100 million for the 26 episodes that aired last season. Could Fox afford to pay Beyonce that type of money while they are also paying “Idol” judges the big bucks? Even though we know Beyonce is very good at articulating herself based off of the many interviews and music specials that she’s done, is she going to be able to make a decision like the one Nicole was stuck having to make in eliminating either Rachel Crow or Marcus Canty?

She just seems to be too nice of a person to shatter someone’s dreams and be truthful to them. And we can’t forget that her first baby, Blue Ivy was just born the other day, doesn’t she want to raise her kids and take a break rather than work a full-time job, but the New York Post did some of their own reporting and here’s what they are saying:

The money may seem outrageous, but the idea is not as far-fetched as it once may have seemed — now that the world’s No. 1 pop singer is a first-time mom.

Word is that Beyoncé would like to stop touring and stay in one place for the baby’s first few years. And a weekly TV job is the perfect way to get her off the road but keep her in the public eye.

If Simon is able to get this done, this will become one of the biggest coups in television history. Beyonce and Jay-Z express themselves alot through their music but never before would the world be able to get to know Bey more than they would if she were to sign on to do this show. claims to have broken the J.Lo to “Idol” story so I guess we’ve got to believe them here.

It will be intriguing to see if Beyonce gets any production duties/credit as part of her potential deal similar to Carson Daly, who besides hosting “The Voice” is also a producer. In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Beyonce showed off her new production company called “The Parkwood Group” and showcased how involved she is in producing her concert TV specials and DVD’s.

Here is an update on all of the other positions.

Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have also been rumored to have also been considered for positions as judges, but unlike Beyonce or Mariah they haven’t reached the peaks of their careers yet so it would make no sense in my opinion for them to judge on TV when they themselves haven’t reached full potential and are still young in the music industry.

Nick Cannon recently ranted on his radio show that he would be shocked if his wife accepted a position on “The X-Factor” and he called it a step down for her career. Is he not in on the negotiations going on or he’s trying to deviate the rumors from continuing. I would have to go with the second one because it would be kind of awkward to not know about your wife’s working future. Also, why would he bad mouth “X-Factor” when Simon Cowell is his boss at “America’s Got Talent”? is reporting that Fergie is also being considered for a spot and that Victoria Beckham could become a host, but that Pepsi dearly wants Ryan Seacrest for the job:

Now, our sources at the production are telling us that along with Mariah Carey, Cowell and company are setting up meetings with Fergie and Victoria Beckham. Fergie would replace Abdul, Carey would replace Scherzinger (but a muppet would have sufficed replacing her) and Beckham would replace Jones Welsh accent with her clipped British one.

Ryan Seacrest is still very much on Cowell’s radar for host, but that’s been kept very very quiet as the Seacrest is cranking out megabuck deal after deal. We’re hearing that Pepsi, who plunked down over $60 million for the ‘X Factor USA‘ is pushing really hard to make that happen. “We all cringed when Victoria Beckham’s name came up,” our FOX source said, “and it feels more like that’s just being floated to push Ryan [Seacrest] closer to a decision.”

Ashley Pearson, an online gossip columnist says that Seacrest’s partner on E! News, Guiliana Rancic and not Seacrest himself could be the host instead:

my sources say it will b an american female host next series. and if they can work around her contract i’d bet on guliana rancic. #usxfactor

I suppose that would make a lot of sense, a female host to differentiate from idol.

So much drama, so many rumors…….I guess we’re going to have to wait and see what happens. If Simon can pull off grabbing Beyonce, “X-Factor” has a legitimate shot at beating “Idol”. But despite “Idol” ratings continuing to fall it is still the most watched show on TV and Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Victoria Beckham, Fergie nor even Mariah Carey are going to be enough to put the show in the higher echelon of television together with “Idol” or “Two & A Half Men” or “Big Bang Theory” or NFL Football (all programs on TV which consistently get the highest ratings). You need a Beyonce or a Jay-Z or a Kanye or Rihanna for the show to be able to create the type of buzz it’s looking for.

What I’m really hoping for is Beyonce AND Mariah together with Simon and L.A., that would be amazing! Keep checking in here for the latest updates.


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