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Paula Abdul, Nicole Sherzinger and Steve Jones FIRED from “The X-Factor” USA

by on January 31, 2012

“The X-Factor” USA continues to stir the pot and cause drama as we’ve discovered that Simon Cowell is remodeling his show and canning Nicole Sherzinger, Steve Jones and the biggest surprise Paula Abdul. We first found out about Steve Jones’ exit when he tweeted that “it is shame” that he is gone:

Steve Jones@SteveJones 

I wont be hosting next seasons XFactor which is a shame but I cant complain as I’ve had a great time. Good luck to everyone on the show.

This came as no surprise because viewers saw Mr. Jones struggle the whole season. He couldn’t find chemistry with the judges, seemed to be demonizing Paula by interrupting her when she took too long to speak and didn’t have enough personality to be a versatile and successful host. He has the capabilities to be a charismatic host based on the guest appearances he made on other shows such as “Ellen” and “E! News” and his comical Twitter page but it just didn’t translate onto the live stage on “The X-Factor”. We then learned from E! News that Nicole was also leaving the show to focus on her music:
“She wants to focus on her music career,” a source said. “She’s spoken to Simon [Cowell] and he’s given her his blessing.” Scherzinger is currently rehearsing for her upcoming European tour that kicks off next month. “X Factor took a lot more of her time than she ever expected,” the source said. “She didn’t have any time really to work on her music. She was doing X Factor six days a week.”

This came as no shocker as well. She faced the most scrutiny when she had the choice of voting off either Marcus Canty or Rachel Crow from the show. Many viewers thought Rachel was the better singer but she couldn’t decide who to eliminate which sent the vote to deadlock and I think you know the rest of the story:

But then the biggest news of the day was that Paula Abdul was also sent home, a story also broken by E! News:

“She found out today,” says a show source. “At this point, the only ones staying are Simon and L.A. Reid.”

Another source confirms to E! News that both Paula and Nicole were not renewed, “Simon wants to take the show in a different direction,” says the insider.

Might Paula ultimately be brought in? Is this just a negotiating ploy? Our sources both say no, that they are moving on and, a source says, “the plan is to part ways amicably.”

This move probably occurred because despite being a good judge on TV she wasn’t able to handle the off-camera duties for the job successfully. Unlike American Idol, the judges of the show also had to mentor the acts of the show and Paula was able to teach the groups choreography but she couldn’t successfully teach any of her groups how to cordially sing successfully in this TV competition which is why she was the first judge to have all her contestants eliminated by television viewers.

So now we’re down to two. Simon and L.A. Both of them are bigwigs at Sony Records, which is the record company that signs winners of the show, and both of them have labels under Sony which is probably why L.A. stayed. Also unlike the other 2 judges, L.A. has the management experience to be able to critique potential artists more accurately in terms of not only vocals but how to market yourself and grow your star potential. Keep in mind that his mentorees: Astro, Marcus Canty and Chris Rene had the most Twitter followers of all the contestants excluding Melanie, Drew and Rachel who were Simon’s mentorees. Astro and Chris Rene also drew major video views on websites such as YouTube and WorldStarHipHop. Plus it helps that Simon and L.A. have a friendly rivalry.

Who’s gonna replace Paula and Nicole next year? It’s between either Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston to rejuvenate their careers like J.Lo w/ “Idol”, Kelly Rowland who judged X-Factor UK last year, Rihanna who might want to take a break from her music for 1 season of judging on TV, Leona Lewis whose won X-Factor before in the UK, Cheryl Cole with a possible return after being fired, Victoria Beckham who is doing nothing else, Marc Anthony who was already a ratings hit with his reality show w/ his ex on Univision and may want to one-up his ex on “Idol” or someone else, lol.

As for the host, Ryan Seacrest‘s contract with “Idol” expires this year so he could potentially re-team with his buddy Simon, Cat Deely could also be in contention if Fox eventually cancels “SYTYCD” after this summer which is expected by some observers, Guiliana Rancic who has been fighting cancer and is a very popular host and reality star on E! and Style TV, Mario Lopez who is already the host of “Extra” and “America’s Best Dance Crew”, Dan Levy who used to host “The Hills: After Hours” on MTV and MTV Canada and hosted the online preshow or Khloe Kardashian who is a fun personality, a big time celebrity and has experience hosting on radio, Corbin Bleu who was originally cast as the host before Steve Jones was brought in, Nancy O’Dell who is the main host of Entertainment Tonight and already has reality show hosting experience via the Oprah Winfrey Network or maybe the judges will host on their own introducing their acts with a face-less PA announcer who gives out results or maybe someone else, lol.

Simon is trying to get “X-Factor” which gets 12 million viewers a week to match “Idol” numbers which is about 20 million a week. But “Idol”‘s  numbers are already slumping from the threat of CBS’ “Big Bang Theory” which has beat “Idol” in the ratings 2 weeks in a row so did Simon make too many moves that could actually end up alienating viewers? I guess we’ll find out soon.

<<<<<< Here is an UPDATE, Beyonce is coming on board? >>>>>>>

  1. SallyinChicago permalink

    First, Mariah is managed by Randy Jackson I doubt she will do the show — unless there are big big big bucks involved. Whitney Houston is a big possibility because she needs the money. But it’s the show, it’s not the judges. First there are too many judges (4) and it’s too Europeanized!

  2. Oh really? I didn’t know that, but I think Randy Jackson would be willing to let his client work on there because he’s good friends with Simon. And yeah Whitney’s new movie looks like it’s gonna bomb so she’d be a perfect fit here and needs the money. And it’s too Europeanized but that’s all of reality television nowadays so I don’t mind it’s grandiose style.

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