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Autocorrect FAIL of the Day 1/26/12

by on January 26, 2012

That’s the nickname girls me afterwards, JK JK JK LOL

That’s gonna kinda hard to do, what if the wh*** doesn’t have breast milk (Ok, dumb joke)

You asked for it, you receive it

I know this person was kidding. Why? Because I’ve tried this tactic before, SYKE JK. (Ok maybe not… forreal I’m JK’ing)

No one knows Darren’s nickname? Cow? (Lame joke, let’s move on)

This autocorrect FAIL was sponsored by NBC

This wasn’t that funny actually, IDK why I included it

Worst Autocorrect Fail EVER!!! LOL

Sheesh, that’s just harsh

Office affairs always come to light

Not Auto Correct! Auto Correct

Yeah, he’s just a guy

She hates you if she gave you those kinda cookies, lol

That sounds chewy

Smells So Nice Auto Correct

Wow that’s a little too obsessive.

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