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EPIC FAIL of the Day 1/25/12

by on January 25, 2012

1. A video posted to YouTube shows how a woman, shopping with a man and young child, scoping out a 24-pack of Guinness along a wall in the store. She casually walks over and, in a quick motion, scoops up the beer, lifts her dress and positions the case between her legs before casually walking away.

2. A woman gave birth in a car as the dad-to-be raced down a Texas highway, keeping one hand on the wheel and another on a video camera. The couple was just 15 minutes into a 45-minute drive to their birthing center, but the baby just couldn’t wait. New mom Jennifer Russell gave birth to little Willow in the passenger seat of their compact car. Baby and mom are healthy and doing fine.

3. Meriden, Connecticut Police said a 4-year-old brought marijuana to school Tuesday. Police said the child, who attends Hanover Elementary School, showed up with nine individually wrapped bags containing the drug. The bags appeared to be wrapped for sale. School officials told police that the child who has special needs took the bags out of his pocket at snack time, saying that he had snacks. “I worry about my kids every day even when they come to school. Now to have this, that’s even more,” said Tiffany Gervais. The incident has left many parents with unanswered questions like how the boy got ahold of the marijuana.

4. According to blogger William Bender from there was a deal set in Ridley Township Delco to sell 20 Ball Pythons to a New York man for $12k. The two men never completed the deal once the snake peddler was held up at gunpoint and shot in an apparent carjacking. The thief stole the snake owners Toyota RAV4 and procedded to leave the scene of the shooting, until he realized there were 2 boxes containing 20 Ball Pythons in the SUV with him. The vehicle then crashed into a pole and the carjacker escaped on foot after throwing his two handguns into a wooded area next to an apartment complex in Woodlyn, PA.

Read more: Delco Magazine

The other three articles are available at


I thought presidential candidates were supposed to be kissing babies? This might be the death panels Sarah Palin was talking about, smh lol

Your barber needs to be banned, homie.

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