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Autocorrect FAIL of the Day 1/25/12

by on January 25, 2012

Hey, at least she’s being real, I guess right? Naw, that’s still nasty, lol.

This is how couples of our generation argue with each other, smh. Applause

Mama thinks you need a girl to satisfy your needs

Yeah, he’s a REAL tough guy

Well that has to be a really small plane or maybe really big?

Yeah, let’s just end this conversation lol

Lol, the Jillian Michaels Effect

This Mom just couldn’t keep her mouth shut, smh

Dude, even if you didn’t pay the rent “fondling” ain’t gonna work son.

Come on Drew Peterson, was that really necessary? (too far?)

That ain’t right

Kong, though? Like King Kong? Don’t let me call NAACP on you!

Leave Lindsay and her coke alone, haha.

Classy girl you picked up there, right?

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