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New Musical Chairs Game Show Coming this Spring?

by on January 12, 2012

This is one of those ideas where you’re thinking to yourself, why didn’t I think of that. Then, the second thing you ask is, have television companies really run out of ideas? Here’s the scoop:

The CW has ordered ten episodes of the action-packed game show OH SIT! to premiere later this season.

OH SIT! is a fun, high-stakes, high-octane musical chairs competition, in which 20 thrill-seeking daredevils race head to head through five physically demanding, obstacle course-style eliminations as they each compete to claim a chair, to the sounds of a live band. At the end of the hour, only one contestant will be left sitting triumphant to seize the cash prize. A host and premiere date for OH SIT!, as well as more details, will be announced at a later date.

OH SIT! is created and executive produced by Phil Gurin (“The Singing Bee,” “Shark Tank,” “The Weakest Link”), Richard Joel and Deena Dill. The series is from The Gurin Company and 405 Productions.

Wow, they REALLY tried to make musical chairs sound competitive and seem like a sport? “…high stakes, high-octane…….physically demanding, obstacle course-style eliminations as they each compete to claim a chair”

Really though?

At least the CW is trying to stay relevant even though just like NBC they only have one or two hit shows. Even the name is weird, oh sit? I guarantee the first day this show comes on, the host is going to accidentally say something else lol. All jokes aside, I definitely will be watching just because it sounds a little interesting lol.

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