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Larry King Is Working On A New Online Venture?

by on January 12, 2012

The big news out of Hollywood is that former CNN stalwart Larry King is teaming up with Mexican telecom billionaire and one of the richest guys in the world, Carlos Slim, to form a new online venture that he is going to be a part of. Here is the scoop from The Wrap:

Larry King is launching a “huge” online initiative backed by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, TheWrap has learned.

Two individuals close to King confirmed that the venture was underway, though details remain sketchy.

Privately, individuals close to King said the venture would be online, which is an interesting departure for the former CNN host, who has spent the entirety of his career in broadcasting.

King has not picked up a new full-time job since December of 2010 when he left the cable news network after 25 years.

Just last year TMZ was reporting that King and Ryan Seacrest would be teaming up to launch a syndicated radio show with Mr. King which would be part of a major multimedia company Seacrest was thinking about launching with DreamWorks Animation Chief Jeffrey Katzenberg but none of those talks have materialized. Just last week, Mr. King also moderated a fake GOP presidential debate for and Funny or Die which featured Mike Tyson playing Herman Cain.

Also interestingly, reports that King canceled his critically-acclaimed comedy tour two days ago.

Maestro Artist Management regretfully announced today the cancellation of “Larry King: Standing Up!” An unexpected acceleration of time requirements involving a new major media venture has caused a scheduling conflict for Mr. King.

Tickets holders in Stamford, CT and Brooklyn, NY can receive refunds at the box offices where they originally purchased tickets.

“We apologize for disappointing our audience and having to cancel Mr. King’s performance,” said Maria Shclover, Maestro Artist Management Founder and President. “We remain committed to our loyal patrons, and looking forward to a full performance season.”

Larry King’s year long contract where he would be hosting and producing specials with CNN has expired. So will King be starting up a news site to rival CNN? An aggregator to rival HuffPo and Drudge Report? Or will he start a radio show streaming online? Or an online talk show to rival Piers Morgan, whose rating so far have been mediocre but still better than “Larry King Live”? Who knows? Comment below what you think is happening.

This news probably isn’t interesting to anyone in my generation, which this website is targeted for, but Larry King is one of my idols and I appreciate everything he has done in the broadcasting industry, his style of interviewing is none like we’ve seen before and maybe will see never again (just my opinion).

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  1. This is awesome!! At his age,he keeps moving. These young kids out there need to follow suit.

  2. I totally agree!

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