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Facebook FAIL of the Day 1/12/12

by on January 12, 2012


Really though, Google????? WTH!?!?

Ok now back to the Facebook shenanigans

How old are these kids? Why would you post this as your Facebook profile pic?? #LostGeneration

Might not seem like a friend putting out his business like that but if it’s going to take a Facebook post to push your friends, you should do it, just my opinion.

Cat language? Forreal? You don’t deserve to be posting on FB

Your You’re A Failure, lol.

Your mom isn’t getting enough daddy in her life, lol smh

I mean, despite how nasty it sounds, it is what she asked for, right?

Mama ain’t playing ladies, keep dem legs closed!

That awkward moment when the person that posted a status about sitting in a resturant near someone she hates has her status commented on by the same person you hate that saw your status. (I just wanted to be awkward too, lol)


LMAO, she thinks she’s cool, kids these days man!

What an awkward mother-daughter relationship these two have.

I guess moms need their own individual love too

This guy -__________-


If you have a Facebook FAIL: email me, @BeBreezyMan or @thejmanproject, or Facebook me: Jessie Karangu


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