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Facebook FAIL of the Day 1/9/12

by on January 9, 2012

This wasn’t really a fail, it was more of an LOL (Aye, I just rhymed)

Are you kidding me? No comments.

This is why kids shouldn’t be raising OTHER kids, smfh

Lower your expectation dawg

And THAT’s how we can tell you’re southern lol!

I wonder what is going through this guy’s head when he posts dumb thoughts like this, this is the kinda dude that would have a deadly lion as a “pet” and try to justify it, smh.

Dude, you ca’nt can’t spell

You must feel like a jackass for acting like one, that’s what you get jackass, what a jackass (That’s the only word that comes to mind thinking of this guy lol, my apologies for language lol)

Me: “Didn’t you just say…….AH! NEVERMIND”

Theresa: “What?”

Me: “Nothing Theresa, it’s not even worth asking”

WOW!!!! We have found West Virginian Facebook users, how do you not see anything wrong with this?

Yeah you deserved that response

Too bad you’ve already failed 1st grade grammar

He’s just being a supportive friend

These guys are very mature, this is are our generation for you, smfh

LMFAO! What an idiot R.I.P. this dude’s common sense

If YOU HAVE A FACEBOOK FAIL, hit me up @BeBreezyMan, @thejmanproject, jmkcool2002@gmail or Facebook: Jessie Karangu

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