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Beyonce Baby Watch 2012: It’s a Girl, Blue Ivy Carter

by on January 8, 2012

The Houston Chronicle‘s Joy Sewing is reporting that Beyonce, a Houston native, gave birth to a baby girl. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Carter. The baby and mother are doing fine. Finally Bey’s baby watch is done.  Lenox Hill Hospital, where the baby was born, just happens to be the same place where Beyonce’s “Telephone” co-star, Lady GaGa was born. More updates as they come in.

UPDATE 1: Twitter is buzzing hoping that Bey and Jay name their baby “Brooklyn Carter” but Beyonce’s team have not announced a name yet, previously there were rumors that the newborn’s name would be Tiana-May Carter. Who knows where these rumors come from?

UPDATE 2: Rihanna, Jay-Z’s discovered R&B star, is the first big major star to confirm the news on Twitter

UPDATE 3: E! News is reporting that Beyonce had a C-Section on Saturday Night and gave birth to their child who the couple is called “Ivy Blue”, whatever the hell that means haha lol

UPDATE 4: Ivy apparently means 4 as in IV = 4 = Beyonce’s last album and Blue is Jay-Z’s favorite color hence “Blueprint” >>> At least that’s what Twitter thinks LOL……some people are also buzzing that Beyonce checked into the hospital under the name Ingrid Jackson. Some believe this is the name of her surrogate mother but couldn’t it just be a fake name to go by to avoid the media?


GOT YOU!!!!!!!!! 


UPDATE 6: Lil’ Duval on Twitter: Was Jesus born or jayz & beyonce baby? Y’all might as well sing “go tell it on the mountain”

UPDATE 7: Ken Baker of E! says we’re all getting the name wrong, Baker is the same guy who broke the story of the name of the baby

UPDATE 8: International Business Times has more on the meaning of the name: Blue Ivy Carter:

First, the name “Blue” is supposedly a tribute to Jay-Z, whose birth name is Shawn Carter. His franchise albums have been called “Blueprint.” Blue contains four letters, and Beyonce has a “love for the number four.” Blue was also the color used in Ancient Egypt to represent the heavens. It symbolizes inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.

The name “Ivy” comes from the plant that symbolizes eternity. Greek and Roman societies revered the ivy for its longevity and hardiness, according to information from GlobalGrind. It has represented eternal life in numerous religions



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