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Spotify To End Free Service

by on January 7, 2012

MAN!!!!! Spotify SUCKS!!! I was having so much fun with them, raving about it to all my friends, but I guess it’s back to listening to music on YouTube or Pandora. Here’s the scoop from Business Insider:

Spotify made its big U.S. debut on July 14, 2011.

In one week, we’ll be marking the streaming music service’s six-month anniversary.

And in one week, all those users who signed up for the free all you can eat desktop music that day will find out that they’re going to be limited to just 10 hours per month now. You’re also only allowed to play individual tracks no more than five times per month.

(Some of users have already received notices from Spotify that the party’s over.)

That’s because Spotify’s unlimited music on your desktop feature, which is ad-supported, is only a limited time offer.

After your six month period is up, Spotify will hold you to 10 hours of streaming per month with hopes that you’ll sign up for one of its paid plans.

Those paid plans cost $4.99 per month for ad-free desktop streaming and $9.99 for access to the mobile app.

Now the question is: Will Spotify users start paying up once the party’s over?

If I had money I would sign deals with record labels and Facebook and use the same free strategy as Spotify to build a competitor. I would keep the ad-supported program going forever and I’d even double the amount of ads to make a profit. I hope someone exploits on this opportunity that Spotify just left open, because they are about to lose some major business. IDK why companies like Netflix and Spotify have such good, successful models for business, then decide to change the model just for greed.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Is anyone really going to pay to use Spotify when ITunes and Rhapsody exists?


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