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EPIC FAIL of the Day 1/6/12

by on January 6, 2012

1. An African-American teen from Dallas who has been missing since 2010 was found to have been wrongfully deported to Colombia, area outlet News 8 reports. Jakadrien Turner was mistakenly deported by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) in April of 2011 after being arrested as a teen runaway.

The troubled youth had fled her family at the age of 14 under duress caused by the death of her grandfather and her parents’ divorce. Having made her way to Houston, Jakadrien was brought into police custody for theft, where she gave a fake name. That name coincidentally belonged to a Colombian illegal immigrant who had warrants out for her arrest.

Jakadrien’s grandmother, Lorene Turner, had been looking for her granddaughter ever since she left the family fold, seemingly having vanished into thin air. Staying up many late nights for months searching on Facebook, Turner credits messages on the social network for aiding her discovery of her granddaughter’s location. She also received help from Dallas police.

Turner alerted U.S. authorities after discovering that Jakadrien had been working as a cleaner in Colombia. The Colombian government had given her a work card upon her arrival there.

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2. A gap-toothed perv left parents covering their kids’ eyes last week in Chicago at a showing of “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.” Police say 34 year old Edward Brown, took his clothes off and paraded in front of the audience at the North Riverside Park Mall’s Classic Cinema.

He then returned to his seat — after 96 moviegoers, including many children, got an eyeful. Police said they got the movie patrons out without any incident, ordered Brown to get dressed, and arrested him.

He was charged with sexual exploitation of a child and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Brown later told police that a woman had promised him crack and sex if he sat in the front row of the theater and took off his clothes.

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3. A Canadian woman shot in the eye insisted on finishing her beer before allowing medics to treat her. The 30-year-old woman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, was shot through the eye in a New Year’s Eve attack that killed her friend.

But when police and paramedics arrived on the scene, the injured woman was “calmly sitting in a chair.” “It was like she was oblivious to what had happened. She didn’t want any treatment until after she finished her beer,” a source said.

The woman appeared to be drunk or high or both.

She’s in stable condition in the hospital. Her friend, an unidentified man, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but died of his injuries.

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4. Utah cops say a 32-year-old woman was arrested for stealing about $600 worth of clothing from J.C. Penney. hen they stopped the chic, she told them she co-starred with Bill Cosby on “The Cosby Show” as Rudy Huxtable. Cops say Leah Efay Davis of Provo, Utah, (seen ABOVE) told them she played the role of Rudy Huxtable, but they were huge fans of the show and knew that actress Keisha Knight Pulliam actually played Rudy, the youngest daughter on the 1980s sitcom.

5. Five-star defensive back Landon Collins committed to Alabama on Thursday night at the Under Armour All-American game. This is a huge get for the Tide, and picking up the Louisiana standout over their championship opponent is a huge story.

It wasn’t THE story, however.

When Landon made his decision his mother, well, was not pleased with the choice at all, and it’s clear that she wanted her son to attend LSU. Actually, she made that quite clear in front of the entire nation by offering up “Geaux Tigers” along with other words of non-encourgament.

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