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Autocorrect FAIL of the Day 1/6/12

by on January 6, 2012

Dad hasn’t been getting any lately

I knew Superhead had a sister

Dang, that BLT was too juicy for your girl’s ears bud

That actually sounds fun

I guess it’s become a family tradition now, too sticky for my family (no pun intended)

That hamster on Kim Possible, Rufus was gangsta. He was a hamster, right? UPDATE: Rufus was a mole rat.

She knows damn well she meant to write fingers, smh lol.


She’s a super freak, super freak, yeah, super freaky!!

Why they gotta be black though?

Steve is probably wondering “And I wasn’t invited” Nasty heathens of our generation

I don’t think that was auto-correct, might wanna call the cops and Child Protective Services and have 911 on your speeddial bud.

That’s harsh, all you had to say was that she got run over by a reindeer, why do you have to be so dramatic?

You’re not supposed to eat Jack Sparrow’s babies

Our first Android auto-correct!! Funny how Androids are ALWAYS behind Apple products

MOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!! TMI! (White girl accent, lol)

You and your mom have a relationship that’s a little too close, are you from West Virginia by any chance?

Must suck finding out you were a crack baby, huh?

-_______- Yeah, an organization needs to be started: Teens Against Parent Texting


Mom getting a little too frisky, I see she likes to be exotic, but that is seriously TMI

I’ve been trying so hard to find autocorrects that aren’t nasty but still funny but it’s literally impossible, LOL HAHA

But PLEASE help me out, If YOU have an AUTOCORRECT Fail please email it to me, Tweet me: @BeBreezyMan or @thejmanproject or Facebook me: Jessie Karangu…..I’ll give you credit and promotion lol. Be breezy and have a great weekend.

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