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S**t White Girls Say…To Black Girls

by on January 4, 2012

Franchesca Leigh Ramsey known online as Chescaleigh is a video blogger from New York who has created an interesting and funny video that’s definitely going viral check it out, it’s hilarious:

Make sure you follow her on Twitter:!/chescaleigh

And check out what she’s written about this meme on the Huffington Post, here’s a snippet:

Growing up I was constantly labeled an “oreo” by my black peers because of my proper speech and “valley girl accent”. But contrary to my tormentors’ taunts, I didn’t “want to be white” or think I was better than them; my lilting voice and preppy attire was the result of my Catholic school elementary years combined with my suburban West Palm Beach upbringing.

After I entered high school, the teasing subsided and my circle of friends grew to include girls from all walks of life; but I always seemed to fall in with the white girls from upper middle class families. I quickly became the “token black girl” in my group, which came with a whole host of awkward questions and first experiences for my peers. Unfortunately, the awkward questions and comments didn’t stop after I graduated from high school. Throughout college and even today, in corporate America, I find myself fielding inappropriate questions and swatting hands away from my waist length dreadlocks.

Check out some more fun on our HOMEPAGE! Be breezy 🙂

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