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Autocorrect FAIL of the Day 1/4/12

by on January 4, 2012

First, I’ve got to get some things off my chest before we start this FAIL-fest.

1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading and checking out this blog, I started this 1 week ago, just as a personal project to keep me busy during this long winter break and there have already been over 1,000 views in one week. Now I know there’s a lot of website that could probably get 1,000 views in 1 hour but I’m very grateful and appreciative and plan on continuing this “project” as long as possible.

2. If you have any Autocorrect FAILS, EPIC FAILS, Viral Videos or Facebook FAILS you want to share, or any music or any information that you want to get out to the public or suggestions, email me, tweet me @BeBreezyMan or @thejmanproject or Facebook me (even though IDK if Facebook is used as a verb lol) at Jessie Karangu, feel free to take part in this “project”


I mean what do you expect? You’re taking anal dude

Listening to too much Big Sean

I really wanna make some corny joke like “That would be one long game” (OK, I just did) But that would be really nasty and weird, my apologies

That was kinda sick though, lol

Dude, you’ve got one nasty phone lol

Who do you think you are, Rick Sanchez? (Google it if you don’t get it and I’m joking, I love Rick Sanchez miss him on CNN) (Ok, that was such a dumb joke, let’s move on)

As long as you’re not getting that chicken from Church’s Chicken, which would be really ironic

At least it wasn’t period Red

OMG this mom is so weird why would she ask for a reminder? WTF!

$250?? More like $250,000!!!

Might wanna get a rabies shot, bud


That meeting might’ve been too nice lol

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