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Facebook FAIL of the Day 1/3/12

by on January 3, 2012

First we have a Twitter fail……

She was speaking in reference to Dick Clark and his slurring on New Years Eve but you’ve gotta be specific man, that just sounds weird


There’s 2 new inventions sweeping the nation, it’s called condoms or vasectomy

Man, nasty Facebook users smh, get ur mind outta the gutter, this is why I’m telling the Twitter user on top to watch what she says

Damn, you probably have the most posts on FML

Yeah, that was supposed to be a secret!!

And then you get mad when your daughter ends up like you? -____-

FAIL! Just fail, can’t even get her grammar right, WTH!

Too bad studying wouldn’t have helped this guy lol haha

That’s so petty.

Yeah, of course you don’t get it

LMFAO, I don’t even have a comment for that. Jeff and I could be friends, that was hilarious

You know they always say mothers have the best instincts

Whose the “dumbf***” now? Make me a sandwich….ok that was so sexist, my apologies

What an “a**hole”

Nice try dad

Sheesh!! And someone reading this probably thinks it’s real period blood smh lol…ugghhh so nasty lol

If YOU have a FACEBOOK FAIL, email, tweet me @BeBreezyMan or @thejmanproject or Facebook me: Jessie Karangu

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