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EPIC FAIL of the Day 1/3/12

by on January 3, 2012





The preceding were photos found on my Facebook newsfeed throughout the past week now let’s get to some stories

5. According to the Indianapolis Star, investigators say a pair of women who were not in attendance at the Aug. 13 concert tried to collect funds from the Indiana State Fair Remembrance Fund and the Indiana Tort Claim Fund.

“I do not understand the mentality of someone who would look at the circumstances of that night and see the potential for financial profit from this kind of scheme,” Marion County prosecutorTerry Curry told the paper. “Most of us would look at those circumstances and feel sympathy and a desire to help assist the real victims in any way we could.”

The women in question, Stephanie Murry and Sandra Hum, now face felony charges including forgery, perjury and attempted theft. They submitted claims for $22,500 from the two funds, which benefit those injured or killed during the tragedy.

Hurn could spend up to 36 years in prison over the case, with Hurn potentially facing 14 years. Hurn reportedly confessed to the money-making plot, telling detectives that Murray stated, “I’m gone play like I was there … I went there anyway — to the hospital.” Murray allegedly stole emergency room forms.

6. A Chester man is accused of throwing a bowling ball at a woman after argument on Sunday.

The York County Sheriff’s Office charged 31 year old Omar Sheree Stevenson, with attempted murder after he threw a bowling ball at a woman’s head after she refused to let him buy her drinks.

Deputies said a 28-year-old woman was bleeding from the forehead when they arrived at the Strikers Family Sports Center in Rock Hill, North Carolina.

The woman told police she and a man had been arguing because she wouldn’t let him buy her drinks, according to the police report. When it was his turn to bowl, the man picked up a 12-pound ball and threw it at her head. Cops said the cut was so deep they could see the woman’s skull.

7. Where did baby Jesus go?

Somebody stole a figure of the Christ child — along with his basket — from a Nativity display outside the Turtle Run community on Sample Road this week.

“It’s a real sign of disrespect to remove any kind of decorations from anybody’s display,” said Chris Kapish, chairman of the Turtle Run Community Development District, a local water drainage district.

He said it was “mean” and in “bad taste” to steal a Christmas decoration and that it could be symptomatic of something bigger: “Somebody has a problem with Christmas, Christianity. That’s what it could show,” he said.

Police were searching for the culprit, who left more than a dozen other statues untouched in the Christmas display, including those of Mary, Joseph, angels and a flock of animals.

Whoever is responsible faces a charge of grand theft. Kapish said it feels more to him like a hate crime.

8. Like many single mothers, Barbara Terry, 52, scrounged for baby sitters and leaned on her own mother while raising her four children and working the night shift.

But Ms. Terry is a prostitute who has worked nearly her entire adult life on the streets of Hunts Point, in the Bronx.

“When they were old enough to understand, I would tell them the truth,” said Ms. Terry, whose daughter and three sons are now grown. “I’d say, ‘This is how I’m supporting you.’ For me, it’s a business, a regular job.”

Yes, she said, she was arrested more than 100 times, sometimes landing at Rikers Island for several days or weeks — but that never deterred her from returning to this area of industrial warehouses and repair shops off the Bruckner Expressway.

By day, heavy industrial traffic fills the streets. By night, the traffic comes for other reasons. Years back, this prostitutes’ “track” bustled with working women, and Ms. Terry was front and center in garter belts and high heels and fur coats.

Read more: New York Times

9. According to a new study from Divorce Online the numbers are on the increase with Facebook being cited in 33% of “unreasonable behavior petitions” in 2011 which represents a rise of 13% over the service’s previous figures from 2009.

They arrived at this number by surveying a sample of 5,000 divorces where Facebook behavior with the opposite sex played an integral part of the divorce claims.

The top three reasons were:

1 – Inappropriate messages to members of the opposite sex

2 – Separated spouses posting nasty comments about each other

3 – Facebook friends reporting spouse’s behavior

Read more: Inquisitr

10. A Canadian mom has taken an unusual step to deter her children from eating fast food.

Melanie Hesketh, a nutritionist and mother of two teenagers, bought a cheeseburger from McDonald’s, unwrapped it, and set it on the kitchen counter.

A year later, the cheeseburger is still there, pretty much the same as when it came off the grill, Canada’s Postmedia News reported. The meat patty has shrunk slightly, but otherwise it doesn’t look much different, Hesketh said.



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