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EPIC FAIL of the Day 12/29/11

by on December 29, 2011

1. Two Dutch TV hosts cooked and ate each other’s flesh, sampling fried buttock and fried belly, and pushing the boundaries of bad taste on Wednesday night in a program aired by Dutch broadcaster BNN.

A butcher advised presenters Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno on which were the best cuts of human flesh, and a surgeon removed the strips of muscle from Storm’s left buttock cheek and Zeno’s abdomen.

A chef fried the flesh, and served it to Storm and Zeno with green asparagus on the side.

Zeno described the experience as similar to eating a piece of car tyre, and took a while to swallow his food on air.

Read more: Yahoo! News

2. Police in upstate New York say that a 39-year-old man planning to give himself a lift to a friend’s Christmas party stole a Greyhound coach on Sunday, only to be caught by authorities several hours later.

Andrew Hickey, of Peekskill, allegedly boarded the empty bus because it was running and he was cold waiting at the Syracuse bus station, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office told WSYR.

Hickey, who does have a commercial driver’s license, proceeded to drive the bus 70 miles toward his friend’s Watertown home before Greyhound officials used GPS to remotely disable the bus and notified authorities of its exact location, the Associated Press reports.

Read more: HuffPo

3. Michigan police say they’ve arrested a man who told them he had sex with as many people as he could over the past three years to infect them with HIV.

Authorities in Grand Rapids say David Smith, 51, was arrested after he turned himself in to police and talked about infecting sexual partners with the human immunodeficiency virus, WOOD-TV, Grand Rapids, reported Wednesday.

Smith told police there are “thousands” of victims.

Police said they are currently aware of the identity of only one of the victims and have charged Smith with just one count so far.

The alleged victim, who asked not to be identified, called Smith “a predator” and “a sociopath.”

Read more: UPI

4. A woman visiting New York City from Tennessee was arrested Dec. 22 for bringing a gun to the 9/11 Memorial and asking police if she could check it. Meredith Graves, a 39-year-old medical student with a gun license in Tennessee, was carrying a .32-caliber pistol in her purse, which she didn’t think was a problem until she saw a “No guns allowed” sign.

After asking police to check the weapon, she was arrested. She’s due in court on March 19 and is facing a charge of felony gun possession, which carries a minimum sentence of three and a half years.

Read more: NY Post

5. 26 year old Kenyan L. Jones (above) from Kansas City, faces charges of second-degree murder in the shooting death of 31 year old Darnell D. Pearson.

Jones told police he picked up the prostitute (Pearson) on Christmas Eve and paid to have sexual relations with her (Pearson), believing she was a woman.

Several hours later AFTER having sexual relations, Jones found out the prostitute was actually a man. He got a gun before finding Mr Pearson in a different area of town and shot him.

Cops arrested Jones and found the gun, hoodie and cellphone with video images of Pearson in action. Jones admitted he shot Pearson after finding out he was a man and not woman.

Read more: BlackMediaScoop


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