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Musing of Late Night Blogger

Life is a strange game; we all have our roles and places. Most of us have goals we want to fullfill, while others chase dreams but some just drift from one place to another like wondering clouds. If someone were to predict my shortcomings then I wouldn’t have believed them.

No matter how much I tried to reach out, I was never heard or understood. I continued to suffer in silence, assumptions were made about me that I didn’t try enough to lose weight or take care of myself. I didn’t just suffer with hormonal imbalance, period problems or weight issues for no reasons. If only they had bothered to look inside me they would had noticed I had major underlying medical issues. In my case I was diagnosed with my illness till it was too late, for my body to cope with. Due to medical negligence I had to…

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Keys To A Miami Heat Championship

1. Someone help LeBron out — Basketball is a TEAM Sport. We know LeBron is going to give you 25-30 a night but who is going to be the next guy to step up? DWade can’t take the 1st half off anymore and the wings that Miami has acquired to make key shots down the stretch of the game need to do their job!! I’m talking to you Shane Battier, Mike Miller, James Jones etc.  This team needs to make points off of turnovers and get as many fastbreak points as possible whenever Westbrook makes poor decisions. One person can’t do that alone, it’s a team effort.

2. Let Bosh come off the bench — The guy is still injured, no one in the HEAT organization wants to say it but it’s the truth. I’ve criticized Erik Spoelstra throughout the season for poor decisions but this was a great solution to the problems Miami was facing in the middle of the Boston series. Have Bosh come in and spark off the second unit while you give the other Big 2 a chance to rest so that they’ll be ready for the 4th quarter.

3. Make your free throws — The reason why so many games have been so close down the stretch despite playing such good perimeter defense is because of misusing easy opportunities. Free throws are something that you are taught from the pee-wee level as a little kid, there’s no excuse for not making such simple points, especially when Shaq left the Heat a long time ago.

4. Attack the hoop — LeBron is one of the strongest players in the league and DWade is known for his slash and dash moves, why not utilize the characteristics God has given you? Drive to the hoop and take your disadvantage (i.e. Perkins and Ibaka) out of the game by drawing fouls instead of settling for jump shots and not moving the ball in transition.

5. Play with some swag and confidence — You’ve been on this stage before. The Thunder have more depth than you, they’re younger and have better post players than you do. So what? As long as you put your heart out there and give it all you can, there’s no reason to not win the title. LeBron can’t disappear in the 4th quarter like he did last year, that’s swagLESS (Yes, I just made up a word). Compete like it’s the last time you’ll ever play and show some toughness in the clutch. You have the experience, now it’s time to prove the haters wrong.

– by JMan

BREAKING: George Zimmerman’s Wife ARRESTED For Perjury

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Fine For Swearing????

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Timothy Bradley UPSETS Manny Pacquiao In What Could Be One Of The Biggest Scandals In Sports History

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Miami ZOMBIE Update: Bonus Information!

New news coming out of Miami today. The Miami Herald reports that an autopsy conducted on Rudy Eugene, the so-called “Miami Zombie” revealed that he did not have any human flesh in his stomach. While that may be the case, human flesh was found between Eugene’s teeth, and on the ground surrounding him and his victim, Ronald Poppo, who is still in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The autopsy also revealed that Eugene had a number of undigested pills in his stomach, although the type of pills is unknown.

What does all this mean for you? Well, for starters you can all rest a little easier as there will be no horde of the undead roaming your neighborhood! Unfortunately, keep your pitchforks and guns ready folks, as  this only proves that we have an even worse epidemic on our hands: BEARS.

Your face is mine…..

You see, recently in the land o’ Canada, a convicted murderer was recently given the death sentence by Mother Nature. The method she used: Bears. The man was found dead at the scene, with teeth and claw marks all over his body. A black bear matching the description of the one suspected of killing the man was found to have the same fur as the evidence collected at the crime scene. The parallels between this and the Miami incident are uncanny: GROWLING, NORTH AMERICA, TEETH, BLACK. You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to come up with this conclusion. Obviously there is some type of chemical in the bath salts that are turning our young growling black North Americans into bears, and we gotta control this before it’s too late. STOP TAKING BATHS, PUT PEPPER ON YOUR FOOD, DO COCAINE, just don’t fall victim to these heavenly scented death spices.

….can stop faces being eaten


Would You Drink Donkey Semen for $10,000? (Video)

You may remember a couple of months ago when NBC was supposed to air an episode of “Fear Factor” which featured two females drinking donkey semen and donkey urine. Fortunately, after strong reaction from the general public, NBC cancelled the episode and it never aired. Unfortunately though, a Danish television network which is airing the last season of “Fear Factor” now in Denmark, actually aired the episode a couple of days ago. And even more unfortunate, we have video of the nasty act taking place.







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Jimmy Fallon, Carly Rae Jepsen & The Roots Sing “Call Me Maybe” (w/ Classroom Instruments)

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Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized In A Car Accident

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Who Replaces Melanie and Derwin on “The Game”?

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